“If young people are educated properly, we have moral order; if not, vice and disorder prevail. Religion alone can initiate and achieve a true education.”


Reaching the unreached in God’s Paradise


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St. John Bosco handed down to his sons and daughters a way of living and handing on the Gospel inspired by optimistic humanism of St. Francis de Sales.

What we do

We minister to the young primarily those who are poorer and marginalised through schools, training centres, institutions, parished, youth centres and oratories, shelter.


Don Bosco in the service of educating the young, be the reason for their smile! 100% of your donation will reach the beneficiary!

The Mission

Reaching the unreached in God’s paradise.

Salesians minister to young people primarily those who are poorer, abandoned and marginalised through schools, technical training centres, tertiary institutions, parishes, youth centres and oratories, retreat centres, shelter for street children, wherever young people can be found. Don Bosco wanted his Salesians to be signs and bearers of God’s love for the young. Using all of their energy and creativity they seek to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ by educating and evangelizing them.


Alongside lay mission partners the community of consecrated Salesians is present as the animating nucleus of our educative mission through pastoral and educative works. This is our way of being Church in a particular place, distinguished by the Salesian charism.


Don Bosco’s pedagogy insists on the authentic religious purpose of life in an educational process oriented towards Christ and enlightened by his message. The educative concern is to foster the growth of the person in all aspects.

Community Development

The primary task of Salesian ministry to young people is to foster the holistic development of the young using many effective tools and programs.


The Salesian charism is a participation in the universal mission of the Church that is missionary by its very nature. Don Bosco wanted his Congregation to have a special attention for those who have not yet heard the Gospel, marginalised, the young who are poorest and abandoned.

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100% of Your Donation Will Reach the Beneficiary.

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We are excited to announce the launch of our updated website The new site has a fresh new look and was designed with all your needs in mind.

Subsidy/ allowance for the teachers of the learning centres, Araimiri

The teachers play an important role, not only in teaching, but also to encourage and motivate the children and their families towards quality education. The teachers are from the villages of the children. They are 10 in numbers. This year Fr John lee foundation supports the allowance for the teachers. The past three years (2017-2019) the project- allowance for teachers was supported by Korea Mission Office.

DBTSS Soccer Field Project

Through the support from the Salesian Province of Korea, the playground of DBTSS has been successfully fixed and upgraded. In 2019, the field posts hazard for the community, students and the surrounding communities who use the field as pathway, from the sinkhole developed due to heavy rains and erosion of soil. Today, the field is back to its original state! THANKS to the hard work and perseverance of the DBTSS community under the leadership of, Fr. Moise Paluku, the rector. A huge THANKS to the Salesian Province of Korea.

MHC Rapolo – Subsidy for the Catechists

Mary Help of Christian Parish in Rapolo East New Britain is a newly erected parish on the 16th August 2019. The parish is given under the care of the Salesian community of DBTSS Rapolo. Being a newly independent parish, the management in formation and allowance of the catechists depend directly on the parish. Hence, the parish seeks help through project. The parish meets the allowance and formation expenses for the catechists through a project sponsored by Don Bosco Missions, Mondo. The parish has nine main catechists who spearhead everyday activities of their respective communities assigned. They play a very important role in…

Urgent help needed now


Seeking support for Literacy and Numeracy programme for the young children of two poor neighbouring settlements – Gabutu compound and Banana block, of Don Bosco Technical Secondary School, Gabutu.

Raised: $20,797; Goal: $53,000

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Fr John lee foundation supports the allowance for the teachers. The past three years (2017-2019) the project- allowance for teachers was supported by Korea Mission Office.

   Ongoing projects

In April, the project to build three more classrooms to meet the increasing demand of the Learning Centres and to provide better infrastructure began. Due to rain and issue posed by COVID-19, the progress of the work got disturbed. In July, the work resumed.

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