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Ranadi is a suburb of Honiara, Solomon Islands and is located West of Panatina, East Honiara. It is known for being a dump site for all the rubbishes and garbage form around Honiara. Unfortunately many families are living in the vicinities to dig, collect plastics and so on to survive. Children and youths are involved as well. The people have previously called for help to some religious orders to help them especially with mass. Fr. Srimal has been among those contacted too. On August 6 this year, Fr. Alfred, SDB and Fr. Srimal visited the rubbish dump. He had short meeting with the community leader. The situation touched the two fathers and become somehow an eye opener to the local situation. Thus, the provincial expressed his full support and encouragement to the community of Henderson to examine the possibility to reach out to the people particularly the youth of this poor community as well as the adjacent community. He highlighted that “reaching out to them and examining how we can help these poor people is a very concrete expression of Don Bosco’s missionary spirit for the community.” In response to this challenge put across by the Ranadi Landfill Site and our provincial, the community has accepted to start up regular meeting with the young and study together with the people how the community could intervene in the aspects of education, sanitation and oratory. The Henderson community calls support at all level to reach out these most vulnerable families.

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