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Don Bosco offers a range of subjects that can interest Corporate Social Responsibility. Don Bosco will vouch for credibility, transparency, professionalism and delivery.

Select areas for partnership
  Skill Training
  Youth Animation
  Community Projects

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Opportunities for Engagement

  • Projects for the skill training programmes for marginalized pushed out youth of our Nation
  • Projects for the promotion of child rights and publishing fliers and information materials on child rights
  • Projects for– solar lights, organic farming, etc
  • Expansion of schools, technical training centres, community halls, housing for the poor, etc
  • Sponsoring children from poor economic backgrounds
  • Sponsoring books and stationery for children
  • Sponsoring a leadership training
  • Career guidance

Donating to build our future as a nation

Giving back to society is one of the greatest joys and privileges of any successful business in our nation Solomon Islands or any community.

Don Bosco Technical Institute would like to say a big thank you to Heritage park Hotel, Zsetu and Solomon Tuna.

Your Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership is greatly appreciated and will help us do more, train more, impact more.

As one of the main Technical Institutes in Solomon Islands, we have the privilege of training more than 500 students, per year. With an emphasis on being Good Christians, and Honest Citizens and hard workers, DBTI contributes to many more skilled workers each year to strengthen our workforce and society.

We welcome all other businesses and individuals to collaborate with us in our current and future projects,

Areas of involvement and current projects includes, sponsorship of students in economic need, sponsoring of resources like books and stationary for children, donations to help with community project at Landfill Site Ranadi, (providing clothes, food, education and social activities to children at the Landfill Site) and expertise to train students.