S.A.L.T leadership program

Youth participating in the SALT [servant leadership training] program are taught the Christian principles of love, giving back, and service, while doing community service for their local community.


We work closely with many Volunteer agencies, embracing the skills of volunteers from around the world to bring great opportunities for students and staff to learn new skills and make international network relationships.

Pastoral care and counselling

Children and youth going through difficult life situations are offered support and counsel to help them in life and with their learning.

Education Opportunities

children and youth who have not had access to Education or have dropped out of the general school system are given a second chance to education, skills training and support.

Upholding Child Rights

We have a child rights policy and upholds the rights and value of each child and individual, providing equal opportunity, upholding safety and providing equal access to education and support.

Peer Leadership

Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills and are given opportunities to help run programs, to be leaders of clubs/groups and as some lead as Student Representatives in classes. These leaders support their peers in school activities, and collaborate with their peers to contribute to and help plan and run school events and activities.

Education sponsorship

Children and Youth from economically disadvantaged poor families are helped with financial sponsorships to give them equal access to education and trade skills training.

Outreach programs to government Juvenile

We reach out to the government run Juvenile Detention Centre offering short courses in Technical skills and Emotional and Moral support through Pastoral care.