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I am Back
It is hard to imagine what life would be like today for most of our young generation including myself, if the Salesians fathers had never started the school we call, today, Don Bosco Technical Institute. I am among the most fortunate to be part of the school first as a student, maintenance-man, and instructor from […]
Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.
Port Moresby, PNG, 21 August 2016 -- I come from a Catholic family and am the fourth in the family with three brothers and one sister. My father is from Bunai village in Manus Province and my mother is from Malol village, Aitape District in Sandaun Province. My father is a teacher while my mother […]
Salesian Archbishop honoured as ‘Chief’ in PNG
Port Moresby, PNG, 25 September 2016 Archbishop Francesco Panfilo, SDB has been honored as ‘Chief’ by the government of Papua New Guinea on the occasion of the 41st Independence Anniversary of the country. The title ‘Grand Companion of Order of Logohu (GCL) is the highest order in the honors system in PNG. ‘Logohu’ is a […]
What is it like to preside at the Mass?
My vocation story began with a question: “What is it like to preside at the Mass?” some 18 years ago. That I believe was the invitation of the Lord to follow Him more closely. I was the altar server that day and I can remember clearly that moment that question came into my mind. Looking […]
With Mother Mary by My Side
Being the eldest comes with many expectations but it never occurred to me that I will fall short early in life. After completing my Gr.12 in 2009, I was not offered a space in college. I took it so hard I just wanted to bury myself and hide from the rest of the world. In […]
Port Moresby, PNG, 16 January 2018 Young Pomahun is a student of Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu, Port Moresby. He has completed Year 10, and decided that he needs to spend the two months of his holidays working. He shares his experience: While many students are spending the school holidays relaxing at home with their […]
Interview with Bro. Reto Wanner, SDB
Port Moresby, PNG, 1 Agust 2018 -- Bro. Reto Wanner sdb was born on June 10, 1972. He belonged to the Evangelical Protestant Church, Ulrich Zwingli. Drawn to serve, he opted to work as a volunteer in Papua New Guinea. He spent a little over three years at the Don Bosco Technical Institute, Boroko, Port […]
Heart touching story of Mr. Usky – Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby, PNG, 8 august 2018 -- Martin Dai belonged to the first batch of 120 students who graduated from Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu in 1988. Faithfully married to Rebecca Dai for the past 17 years, he is the proud father of seven beautiful children. He is the present principal of his Alma Mater […]
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These are stories of courage, resilience, pain, and everything that comes after. These are the stories of the lives of real people from whom we can all learn something. Moreover, these are stories of love: love that transforms, love that sacrifices, love that endures, and love that shares. By sharing these stories, we hope to share inspiration, hope, and meaning.