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Literacy & Numeracy Programme, 2022
The Literacy and Numeracy Program – an initiative to give free and quality education to the poor children from the settlements of Gabutu and Banana Block. The primary objective of the project is to eliminate the rate of illiteracy and school drop- outs in the settlements. Through this learning programme, the children are helped to access to regular formal education. Began on 18th April 2022, the project has served 87 children from the two settlements. 68 of them were able to complete the course. Out of the 68, 52 children have been successfully enrolled in different schools of the neighbourhood.…
Wesley Mitchell
Bosconian Wesley Mitchell, a past pupil of DBTI, is one of very very few, if not, the only Papua New Guinean that is Inner Range Certified and Trained in Brisbane, Australia. Wesley underwent certification and is based out of Port Moresby and is the Head Technichian for Lion Track and also a Field Technician to Genesis Communications PNG.
Bosconian Second Lieutenant Philip Bowie
Bosconian Second Lieutenant Philip Bowie Philip Bowie studied in Don Bosco Technological Institute (2011-2014).  After graduation, in 2015, he taught  in DBTS Gabutu until  he decided to sign up for the PNG Defence Force in 2018. He was one of the 10 cadets chosen and sent to Australia for further training. This year he is one of the three Papua New Guineans who successfully completed the course. Congratulations Second Lieutenant Philip Bowie!  
Don Bosco made me realise my great potentials
My name is Junior Paul. I am from the Southern Highlands Province of PNG. I’m happy and grateful to share my experience. After Grade 10 at Mendi Day Secondary School I was not selected to continue secondary school. I felt I lost everything: my hope, my dreams and my aim had faded away. One evening I prayed the Holy Rosary asking for the possibility to continue my studies even though I have failed. After I finished praying I was on Facebook and I saw the advertisement regarding the entry test for Don Bosco which gave a second chance to Grade…
Don Bosco Gave me a Second Chance
Nathaniel Talim was born in Rabaul but grew up in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. He did his primary studies at Sacred Heart Primary School, Hohola. He was not selected for High School which made him feel very discouraged. But his father heard about Don Bosco Technical School at Gabutu which gives second chance to non-selected boys. He brought Nathaniel to DBTS for the entry test in 1995. He passed and was enrolled. Nathan did his Grades 9-12 and specialised in MFM (Maintenance Fitting and Machining). Having undergone too an On-the-Job-Training (OJT) before graduation he was easily employed by PNG…
Philip Bowie, 28 years old, graduated from Don Bosco Technological Institute in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education- Technical major in Maintenance Fitting & Machining and Mathematics. From 2015-18, he taught in Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu. He signed up for the Officer Cadet Program with the PNG Defence Force and was enlisted mid-2018 and was selected to go down to Australia to undergo training in the Australian Defence Force Academy. ‘As a Bosconian and past pupil, Don Bosco has taught me a lot and I find the same things applied and required of in the military’, he explained.…
After completing my Community schooling in 1996, I did not get any offer from higher/secondary schools to peruse my studies. Because my village was far away from the nearest urban town (Kokopo) which has more options to further studies or find employment, the only available option then was to stay back home and help my parents gardening and kamap mangi blo ples… (become a village boy). My dad had to travel by dinghy some six (6) hours to Kokopo the provincial town just to find available spaces to enroll me so that I can continue on my education. I did…
Peter Suka Ririma of DBTS Gabutu receives the International Contribution Award
The Australian Catholic University (ACU) bestowed the ‘International Contribution Award’ 2018 to Peter Suka Ririma, a teacher of Don Bosco Technical School at Gabutu. The ACU gives this award to its graduates who are working in his/her country in their fields of studies such as teaching, counselling, nursing, social works and others. Peter shares that he started teaching in DBTS in 2009. “It was through DBTS Gabutu that every good things happened in my life. The Salesian work ethics based on St. John Bosco’s Preventive System have formed me as an educator and enabled me to study overseas and eventually…
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These are stories of courage, resilience, pain, and everything that comes after. These are the stories of the lives of real people from whom we can all learn something. Moreover, these are stories of love: love that transforms, love that sacrifices, love that endures, and love that shares. By sharing these stories, we hope to share inspiration, hope, and meaning.