This year 2018 Don Bosco Henderson responded to one of the global issue of having clean water. The objective of the Water tank Project undertaken was to provide clean water to more than 350 students, to our staff members, to the APTC Trainees and the families living the surrounding of the school as they do not have clean water. In the country majority of the people survive with the well water and rain water. But for drinking they prefer rainwater, which is not always hard to collect if there is no tank and unclean as it stays longer stagnated. The project was all about setting up 3 tanks of 30.000 liters to collect rain water which will be filtered and be ready to use. In order to make an educative experience for the students and staff, the labor part of the project was done by our students of Construction Department and the Machine Fitting for the metal works which were needed. It took them only three months to complete the project. We thank our benefactors, in special way the Born Mission for the support and life changing of our people.

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