Disconnected yet Connected

Br. Francis Mallol SDB

In Don Bosco Araimiri access to the Internet or social media for news updates is a luxury that we do not have. Hence, we seem to live in a world of our own. . Here, we are genuinely disconnected from the outside world. I realize that when we disconnect ourselves from the virtual world, it is then that we understand the real-life situation of the people whom we are working for. Disconnecting from the outside world gives me the opportunity to connect with the reality of the young people's lives.

At Araimiri I am connected to the many people I meet every day. Every day is valuable time used in conversation and connecting with people. Working with the boarding boys and teaching in the school keeps me so occupied and focused that I do not miss the events in distant lands. The daily face-to-face encounters with the young and the people of the surrounding villages reflects the face of Christ in this part of the world. Looking at their faces and into their eyes, I am able to see, touch and work with God's created human beings. I am able to connect with them and understand their struggles in life.

Thanks for being disconnected from the virtual, I am able to connect with young people entrusted to my care!