Don Bosco made me realise my great potentials

My name is Junior Paul. I am from the Southern Highlands Province of PNG. I'm happy and grateful to share my experience.

After Grade 10 at Mendi Day Secondary School I was not selected to continue secondary school. I felt I lost everything: my hope, my dreams and my aim had faded away.

One evening I prayed the Holy Rosary asking for the possibility to continue my studies even though I have failed. After I finished praying I was on Facebook and I saw the advertisement regarding the entry test for Don Bosco which gave a second chance to Grade 8 and Grade 10 dropouts. From that moment on I made up my mind to go and study there. But I still needed a recommendation from a priest or bishop. So I ran into my Bishop's house and requested Bp Donald Lippert ofm cap. for the required recommendations. And the rest is history.

Life spent in Don Bosco Technical School at Gabutu is a life I never had before. Here I realised that I have great potentials. I was not mistakenly born but "I WAS BORN FOR GREATER THINGS " AD MAIORA NATUS”! In DBTS I was formed physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

Here I learnt to live with hope and to keep in mind that true success in life can be archived only through GOD. I'm grateful to God above all for giving me this opportunity and for sustaining me with his grace.

I'm grateful to my family and friends as well for what they have done for me. Last but not the least, I am grateful to the Salesians and the staff of DBTS for believing in me and committing themselves in forming me to be a better person.


These are stories of courage, resilience, pain, and everything that comes after. These are the stories of the lives of real people from whom we can all learn something. Moreover, these are stories of love: love that transforms, love that sacrifices, love that endures, and love that shares. By sharing these stories, we hope to share inspiration, hope, and meaning.