Neighbours reach out

East Boroko, Port Moresby, PNG, 7 September 2023 -- Reaching out with the spirit of Don Bosco to those in need during the foundation week celebration. There is no better day than the birthday of Don Bosco commemoration, 16 August 2023, to reach out in celebration with the neighboring community of Vadavada, a home to settlers and marginalized youths in Port Moresby. The first-ever community outreach program of Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI), steered by a committee of three DBTI staff, Ms. Rosemary Kase, Ms. Yeska Tiamai, and Mr. Shaun Ilias with their student volunteers headed by year 3 students, Denica Gentson, Rehab Terewahin, and Shelly Billy witnessed a successful community outreach program. The program began with a prayer led by Shelly, followed by ice-breaking activities of fun games with the children facilitated by other student volunteers. After the games, a session of short talks by recently ordained priest Fr Bernard Kaiau, SDB on the life of Don Bosco and Fr Ariel Macatangay, SDB, DBTI President.

In his talk, Fr Bernard recounted to the community, the life of Don Bosco from his childhood in persevering to study despite his family’s struggles of poverty till him becoming a priest who took care of poor and marginalized youth. “Papa Bosco was a person of prayer, who believed and prayed for everything that he needed. He always prayed the rosary.” Fr Bernard explained. He encouraged the community to live in unity and harmony with each other.

Fr Ariel expressed gratitude to the community gathered for the program and to Mr. Shaun for his eagerness to initiate the outreach program. He further expressed to the community that this is the start of a partnership and DBTI will continue to help the community. “In order to help you, we need to know what you need.”, he added. He continued that the institution would conduct a survey in the community in the coming year to know the population and the needs of individual households in the community. He ended by reminding all the oratorians of the special celebration on August 27, 2023, to honor Don Bosco.

At the end of the talks, gifts of food and clothing which have been donated by staff and students of DBTI with various sponsors were distributed to all the community members who were present. From the outreach committee, sincere thanks and gratitude to SVS, Abbettor Marketing Training, Paradise Food Limited, Homestate Co-operation Limited, and all the individuals who contributed with cash or kind in support of the DBTI’s community outreach program during the Don Bosco Week celebrations.

Don Bosco

Don Bosco was creative, enthusiastic and enterprising in his work. He wrote and edited booklets, school texts, histories, digests, magazines, fliers, plays. From his earliest years as a priest, Don Bosco communicated through his whole demeanour and person, through games, talking, visiting, preaching, and publishing. Communicating through the internet and publishing is a priority for Salesians. Inspired by this example of Don Bosco and the early Salesians, Social Communication continues an important priority.