Income generating skills training for mothers of children attending Literacy and Numeracy programme at DB Gabutu

Income generating skills training for mothers was launched on 18 October 2022 at the campus of Don Bosco Technical School Gabutu. It is a venture as a pilot project with the support of Fr, Pedro Sachitula and under the management of the MHMSC Sisters – Sr. Mini Jose, Sr. Lapynshai Khongwir and Sr. Kanchan Toppo. The initiative sprung from and in connection with the Literacy and Numeracy programme for the children which is supported by the Planning and Development Office and the Don Bosco Missions PGS.

The project aims to encourage and motivate the mothers to learn, earn, invest and save so that they will be able to support their children’s education. The mothers are trained in basic baking, selling, record book keeping and saving money with the help of the sisters. In the pilot stage itself, the project has assisted 31 mothers who have successfully enrolled their children in schools. From the savings, the project has been able to help with financial support to the 31 mothers after having provided the proof of their children’s enrolment to schools.

This year, 2023, the initiative will be a full-fledged project with the aim to train and assist 57 mothers. The project will be in collaboration with the Planning and Development and the Don Bosco Missions PGS and financial support from the Don Bosco Korea Mission Office. The project will be launched under the leadership of Fr. Pedro Sachitula and the MSMHC Sisters as the project in-charge.

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