To upgrade three classrooms for St. Dominic Savio Primary school, Herehere, Papua New Guinea

On the 13th November 2022, most reverence Bishop Pedro Baquero, Bishop of the diocese of Kerema, Gulf Province, officially inaugurated the three new classrooms at the Saint Dominic Savio Primary School Herehere. The school is a mission agency school under the Salesian Mission Community Araimiri.

Don Bosco Araimiri community is surrendering the services to the Secondary School and the Parish of Mary Help of Christians in the Kerema diocese, Gulf Province, a remote area of Papua New Guinea. Besides these main missions, the community is also reaching out to the education of all the children in the parish at the lower levels. There are two primary schools and there learning centres (kindergarten and elementary levels) under the care of the parish. Saint Dominic Savio Primary School is one of the two primary schools.

Saint Dominic Savio primary school is catering 200 children of 6 levels, from grade 3 to grade 8. For many years the children have been overcrowded in the limited spaces. Thanks to the generous hearts of the benefactors from the Salesian Mission Department and many others, the school today has another 3 new classrooms with fully equipped with furniture of desks and black boards. These 3 new classrooms provide a good environment of learning and teaching for the grades 3, 4 & 5 students of lower primary. The classrooms of grades 6, 7 & 8 are also newly built just last March 2021 with the generous support of Salesian Korea Mission. Today the Saint Dominic Savio primary school Herehere is up to standard in facilities. All the teachers, students, parents and villagers are so grateful for the generous supports which the children in the villages now are enjoying their learning and schooling.

Although the main stream of educational services in PGS vice-Province is for the high school and college levels, however, the need to take care of the students in the lower educational levels in this parish mission is very much needed if not urgent. Because, for the Salesians, we believe that education is the most important factor in helping the villagers to change and develop. We still commit ourselves in serving the poor, and evangelizing through educating, with the grace of God, the help our Mother Mary, the intercession of Don Bosco and the generosity of many good hearts.

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